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New innovations. New challenges. New expectations.

The demand for energy has never grown or evolved more quickly. Meaning it’s never been more important to ideate ways to harness it more efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s where we come in.

Engineered Power Solutions (EPS) provides structural engineering exclusively in the power industry. And our mission is simple – to minimize cost and hassles while maximizing satisfaction and ROI. 

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Stop us if you’ve run into any of these issues working with structural engineers:

  • Called with an urgent question and didn’t hear back for days

  • Went with the firm offering rock-bottom pricing only to encounter sloppy work and ultimately paying more than your other bids – not to mention putting you behind schedule and stressed

  • Been told “We can’t do it your way, we’re doing it my way,” without any logical explanation

  • Worked with a talented, attentive engineer, only to find that his or her lack of solar-specific knowledge left them guessing regarding the analysis of your project


Doing the right things. Doing right by you.

When you partner with EPS you can be assured you’ll benefit from:

  • Prompt execution and response

  • Personal integrity

  • Expert industry knowledge

  • Commitment to safety

  • Experience-driven efficiency

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